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kyoht's Journal

H. Kyoht Luterman
1 April 1978
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I am a freelance fantasy and paleo illustrator, living in Madison, AL (near Huntsville).
I sometimes post my art here, as well as blather on and on about my life.
I'm thirty something, female, and married to my bestest friend.
I am happily child-free, and wish to remain so.
My spiritual beliefs are a mix of atheism and paganism. I am an animist and have a heavy interest in Traditional Witchcraft and Shamanism.
However; I do not publicly talk about the details of what I believe and practice.
I have a fascination with the supernatural, but I am a skeptic.
I love horror movies, werewolves, animals, nature, hiking, art and learning new things.
My favorite animal is the aye-aye.
I collect animal skulls; a lot of my collection is from roadkill I have scavenged.
I live with two dogs, four snakes and a tortoise.

Feel free to friend me if you like these things too!


I post in this journal whenever I put up an art auction on Ebay.




Deviant Art

Fur Affinity


I am on Twitter (HKLuterman). I post WIPs there.


World of Warcraft characters:

Kirin Tor (US) Alliance (Main server) - Kalhoun (Human hunter), Rensis (Worgen rogue), Jaelen (Nightelf mage), Xurii (Draenei paladin), Andenan (Nightelf warrior)